Improving Health Care through Medical Education

AHME is a “how to” organization and has always been the source I go to when I want to learn best practices in any area in hospital medical education.

Jeff Levine, PhDAtlantic Health

Membership Categories

Membership Eligibility

Individuals who lead or administer undergraduate, graduate, or continuing medical education programs are eligible for membership. AHME members include: deans; chief academic officers; directors of medical education; designated institutional officials; administrative directors of medical education; central GME office staff; department chairs; residency program and clerkship directors; program administrators and coordinators; as well as continuing medical education directors and staff.

Membership Categories/Dues

Institutional Membership

Hospitals, health care systems within a limited regional area, and other medical education institutions may join AHME as institutional members. Each institution may appoint up to five representatives who are involved in medical education and each will have full membership privileges. Dues are $2,000 per year for five members. Up to five additional institutional representatives can be added for $350 each. Institutions with more than ten members are eligible for additional discounts (members 11-15 at $300 per member; members 16-20 at $250 per member; members 21-25 at $200 per  member; and members 26+ at $150 per member).

Individual Membership

Individuals who are involved in medical education are eligible for membership in AHME. Dues are $495 per year.

Associate Membership

An associate membership is only available to those non-members who register for the AHME Institute and pay the non-member rate. Associate membership is an introductory membership and dues are $50 for the period from mid May through October 31 of that year.  Associate members are entitled to the full benefits of membership but, should the associate member wish to continue his/her membership with AHME, he/she must join as an individual member or as part of an institutional membership the following year.

Sustaining Membership

Nonprofit professional associations whose interests and activities involve medical education may apply for sustaining membership.  Dues for this category are $1000 and the organization may designate two representatives. Sustaining member representatives are not eligible to vote or hold office in AHME.

Honorary Membership

An individual may be nominated for honorary membership through the Member Services Division on the basis of outstanding service in the field of medical education or to AHME. Past presidents and past council chairs, upon retirement, are eligible for consideration. Honorary members shall have all of the rights of active members but they may not hold office. They shall not be required to pay dues and may attend the AHME Institute at a reduced rate.

For answers to your membership questions, contact Karen Zagar, Member Services/Website Administrator, at AHME Headquarters, or call 724-864-7321. To apply for membership, click on Membership Application.