Improving Health Care through Medical Education

Past Events

AHME Institute

The AHME Institute is a three-day conference, which features a blend of presentations from policy-makers as well as those who translate these policies into educational programming at the local level to ensure that their training programs are successful and their graduates are well prepared for the healthcare environment of the future. Educational tracks are offered for institutional educational leaders and administrators, program directors, program administrators and coordinators, as well as continuing medical education professionals. A poster session is also incorporated into this annual meeting, providing educators an opportunity to share their success stories with colleagues who may then apply these ideas in their home institutions.

AHME Academy

The AHME Academy is a one-day conference designed to provide new graduate medical education administrators an overview of their duties and experienced professionals some fresh approaches to their responsibilities. The Academy is held several times each year in various locations around the country to maximize the accessibility and affordability of this training.

AHME Webinar

AHME Webinars are presented six times per year to provide AHME members and others access to valuable content in the comfort of their own offices. Webinars are priced by phone line rather than by the number of participants, making it possible to gather a group of educators to take part in a session and then discuss the content immediately following the presentation. Members are also eligible for an additional 25% discount on the already reduced member registration rate if the teleconferences for the year are purchased as a package.

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Supporting the Learner Who Is Struggling:  What to do When you don’t know what to do (and using the CE Milestones as you get there!) – June 4, 2024
Balancing Act:  Battling Burnout and the Art of Self-Care for Program Coordinators – February 29, 2024
Promoting Change in the GME Clinical Learning Environment – January 9, 2024
How to Effectively Navigate ACGME Requirements with Program and Institutional Policies – December 5, 2023
ERAS Content Update: Experiences, Geographic Information, Program Signals – October 3, 2023
Individual Learning Plans for Today’s Resident:  Creation, Implementation & Connection to Milestones – August 8, 2023
Our 2023 ACGME Survey Results Are In – Now What? – June 6, 2023
Joy in GME:  Finding Yours IN and AT Work – March 9, 2023
Navigating the 2023 ACGME Survey – January 10, 2023
Life Cycle of a Program Coordinator:  What to Know at Each Career Stage – December 13, 2022
Moving from Diversity to Inclusion and Belonging:  A Toolkit – October 4, 2022
APE2:  Transforming Your Annual Program Evaluation into an All-Inclusive Performance Event – August 9, 2022
The Art and Science of Feedback in Medical Education Using the New Clinician Educator Milestones in Professional Development – June 7, 2022
The Importance of Building a Strong Relationship with Your Program Director – March 8, 2022
Refining Your Institution’s Special Review Process – January 11, 2022
AHME Salary Survey: Emerging from the Pandemic and Navigating our New Roles – December 8, 2021
Capitalizing on Distance Learning in Your GME Program – October 5, 2021
Navigating the 2021 ACGME WebADS Update – August 10, 2021
Competency-Based Medical Education in Quality Improvement & Patient Safety – June 8, 2021
Faculty Development for Osteopathic Recognition – March 9, 2021
Defining Your Value:  The Impact of COVID-19 and Developing a Framework for the Future – January 12, 2021
Caring for the Coordinator – December 1, 2020
Virtual Interviewing Strategies – September 15, 2020
Individual Learning Plans:  Creating Unique Plans for Resident Success – August 4, 2020
Emotional Intelligence, Grit, and the Hidden Curriculum in Medical Education – June 2, 2020
Adapting One’s Infrastructure to Maximize Remediation – March 5, 2020
Developing Resident Patient Safety Leaders:  Going Beyond Checking the Box – January 28, 2020
How to Do Scholarly Activity in Medical Education: A Primer for GME & Program Administrators – December 3, 2019
Navigating the New Transitional Year Program Requirement – October 1, 2019
Intentional Recruitment – August 6, 2019
Getting Started in Faculty Development: What Works? – June 4, 2019
Physician Well-Being: Does the Disease Model Work? – February 26, 2019
ACGME Updates:  Common Program Requirements Sections I-V – New and Improved for July 2019 – January 15, 2019
Developing GME Leaders: Professional Development and Career Advancement for Program Administrators and Coordinators – December 4, 2018
One, Two, Three, Sync!  Milestones 2.0 and You – October 2, 2018
GME Program Director, Faculty, and Program Coordinator Salary Support:  An Equitable and Logical Funding Method – August 21, 2018
Preparing GME Leaders and Learners to Eliminate Health Care Disparities – June 5, 2018
Program Administrator Milestones:  A Mechanism to Gauge Your Professional Development – March 8, 2018
Integrating High-Value Care in GME Curricula:  Enabling Residents to Make Meaningful Contributions – February 6, 2018
Navigating Osteopathic Recognition:  New Standards in ACGME Accreditation – December 5, 2017
Feedback:  A Systematic Approach – October 17, 2017
ACGME Milestones 2.0 – The Next Generation – August 1, 2017
Faculty Development Challenges and Opportunities – June 6, 2017
Using the PDWS:  A Conversation with ERAS – February 28, 2017
Program Self-Study and the 10-Year Site Visit – January 17, 2017
Esprit de Corps:  Building an Alumni Network – December 6, 2016
A Look at the ACGME Resident Survey:  Challenges and Opportunities – October 4, 2016
The ACGME’s Focus on Physician Well-Being:  Deepening Our Commitment to Faculty, Residents, and Patients – August 23, 2016
A Summary of Key Points and Lessons Learned During the 2016 World Congress for Continuing Professional Development – June 7, 2016
Resident Assessment Strategies in Milestone Reporting – March 8, 2016
Beyond Interprofessional Education: Genuine and Sustainable Culture Change through True Collaborative Care – January 19, 2016
Streamlining the GME Office: Effective Management and Retention of Resident Files – December 8, 2015
Professionalism and Resident Physicians: Milestones, Strategies and Results – September 29, 2015
CLER Pathways to Patient Safety: From Educating to Reporting to Investigating to Improving… – August 13, 2015
Continuing Medical Education: Current Status and Future Directions – June 9, 2015
Crazy Good Interviewing:  Designing an Insane Selection Interview for Residencies – March 3, 2015
GME Financing: What Program Managers and Coordinators Need to Know – December 2, 2014
Clinical Competency Committees:  The ABC’s of CCC’s – October 7, 2014
CLER Getting CLER-ER:  An Update on the ACGME Clinical Learning Environment and One Institution’s Post CLER Approach to a GME-CLE Plan – August 14, 2014
Integrating Quality and Education Along the Continuum: Two Case Studies – June 10, 2014
A National Conversation – Engaging and Empowering Program Administrator and Coordinators – March 4, 2014
Understanding the Changing Environment and the Healthcare Workforce – January 21, 2014
Establishing a “Community of Practice” for Program Administrators and Coordinators – December 3, 2013
A Collaborative Approach to Integrating Residents and Fellows into QI and Patient Safety – October 8, 2013
Remediation of the Struggling Medical Learner – August 13, 2013
Physician Payment Sunshine Act and Its Effect on Hospital Medical Education – June 11, 2013
Annual Program Evaluation: Theory, Practice, and Implications for the NAS – March 5, 2013
Patient Safety and Quality Improvement: Building the GME Platform – January 22, 2013
Succeeding in the ACGME’s NAS: Strategies for Program Administrators and Coordinators – December 4, 2012
Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER) Program: Purpose, Process, and Strategies for Success – October 9, 2012
What You Can Do Now to Prepare for the Next Accreditation System (NAS) – August 14, 2012
Relationships Between Physicians and Industry: Initiatives to Recognize and Manage Conflicts of Interest – June 12, 2012
Quality Initiatives to Meet our Educational Goals: Washington Hospital Center’s Innovative Strategies – March 6, 2012
ACGME Accreditation – 2011 and Beyond: Creative Approaches to Strengthening Educational Outcomes – January 10, 2012
Washington Update: Is Medicare GME Funding at Risk? – December 13, 2011
ACGME Accreditation: 2011 and Beyond – October 6, 2011
Effective, Efficient, Quality-Driven Grand Rounds – July 13, 2011
Regularly Scheduled Series for Learning and Change: Leveraging the ACCME Criteria to Provide Strategic Value to Your Institution – June 7, 2011
Addressing Practice-Based Learning and Systems-Based Practice in Residency Training by Building a Quality and Safety Curriculum for Residents – January 19, 2011
Master Affiliation Agreements and Program Letters of Agreement – September 22, 2010
Medicare’s Teaching Payments: Fundamentals and the Future – May 25, 2010
The ACGME Milestones Project – Implications for Transitional Year Residency Programs – January 21, 2010
Conducting a Needs Assessment and Identifying Practice Gaps: Getting it Right – November 24, 2009
Blueprint for Coordinator Success – September 24, 2009